Frame Headbadge competition are working on getting a headbadge designed for the front of all of their unicycles.
We had a thought that we would open it up as a competition to riders on
We will offer a $50 prize that can be spent at any of our stores for the design that we use.
We are wanting a single colour or 2 colour logo. You can use the letters UDC. Size needs to be right to fit on the front frame… what else needs saying? post here and the crew will do the judging on 1st July.

Have fun.


My entry is the Guinness Mojo logo. But there might be some trademark issues. :smiley:


Is the headbadge going to be done as a metal badge or as a vinyl like sticker? And if it’s metal, are you planning on 3D type stamping?

It could be either, we can get plastic stickers that are 3d or we could go for metal… or just a plain sticker… or, well I don’t know, anything. :slight_smile: