Frame creaking

Lately during practice, my uni frame has been creaking when I get on…
but not usually while I’m riding. I don’t weigh much, so it’s not that.
I have a Standard Miyata 20" - I’ve only had it for a few months and
haven’t done anything crazy… Any ideas on what is wrong, and how I
can fix it?

Check for loose parts. This could be that the spokes are not tight enough. Squeeze two spokes together and see if they feel loose (I’m not sure how to explain how you can tell how loose is loose here) or is uneven around different parts of the wheels. Another part to check is the cranks, make sure they are tight on the axle. Also check that the pedals aren’t loose. Make sure the bolts holding the wheel to the frame are not loose. Finally, make sure the bolts holding the seat to the seat post are not loose.

That’s basically every possible place it can creak (other than the bearings squeeking), so if you can find out where the creak is coming from, you can narrow it down on what to look at first. My guess is that it’s the cranks.

My uni clicks, creaks, and squeals constantly, it sounds like a baby
beaten with a cat. Usually it’s my cranks or pedals that are making the
disgusting noises. Czech your cranks to see if they’re loose, or like
stripped and horribly bent, brutaly deformed…

keep on keepin on

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try greasing your seat post also.the grease from the factory is probley
up by now.