Frame Compatability Question

I have been using a cheap unicycle to learn on. The sticker on it says UNO but I was told it was an M-Wave. I am pretty sure the two are th same with just different stickers.
Recently I broke the frame and wanted to replace it with a Nimbus frame. Since I am still relatively new to unicycling I don’t want to spend a lot of money on new everything yet.
I found the uni I have been using on amazon (
) but it provides very little info that I can understand.
Does anyone know if I can just take the wheel, cranks, and seat post from my UNO and use them with a Nimbus 20" frame?
And sorry in advance if this is a stupid question but I AM a newbie and am still elarning how everything fits together in the world of unicycles.

Hi, i think that depends mainly on dimensions of the hub, that your uni has. Distance between bearings and dimensions of bearing. So try to mesure wide of the hub (bearing center-center), this should be 100mm. Diameter of the bearing should be 40 - 42mm, (if 40, you can use bearing shims) or just new bearings. Wide of the bearing should be about 12mm, this is the right size. I think, if these measure will be same on your uni, Nimbus frame could fit. :wink:
What type of Nimbus frame dou you exactly want?

I was in the same situation. Measure the frame bearing cups from center to center (should be 100mm). Measure the outside diameter of the bearings (should be 40mm). Buy a Nimbus freestyle frame from UDC for $10. It’s a 24 inch frame, but it will fit your 20 inch wheel. Much stronger frame and will hold you over until you want to upgrade. I still use mine all the time.

ten freakin dollars!?!?! I would grab one since I need a good post anyways, but it says it won’t fit trials tyres. is there just not enough clearance or something? I want a spare “beater” frame like this, but it would be pretty useless to me if it didn’t fit my wheel

I think, that Nimbus X24 is frame with same dimensions like Nimbus X20 freestyle frame. So space (width) for the wheel might be the same. I think only length of the fork is different. I measured my Nimbus X20 frame and the space for the wheel at the top of the fork is 63mm. So if I’am thinking rigt there is not enough space for 2,5 inch tire. But maybe I’am wrong. :slight_smile: