Frame Building

I am in a welding class at my highschool and we have to do a final project of our choice. I would really like to make a unicycle frame for my project. Are there any known tutorials or guides to frame building online anywhere. I would like the frame to be relatively simple (if possible) and it will only be the frame/seatpost holder/bearing holders. I wont need to make a seat post or hub or cranks or anything.

If there is a known source to help me out please leave it below, or if your extremely bored and wish to make one it would be most appreciate, but not expected.

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Cole Chapman

I forgot…If you do not have any resources to help me in the building process, do you have any idea the raw cost of just the metal materials needed. Not labor or machining or anything, just raw materials.

Thanks again - Click on ‘Building a Custom MUni’

Good luck!


Try this. On the below link, Scroll down to the projects and then click on the mud frame and the “ears” frame.

Also, here is the full enchalada of all the pix used in the article.

I didn’t do the building. The lead thumbnail image found in the main gallery that leads to the teachndad gallery shows three different and crude drawings for the crown, but I can’t find the image. Maybe you can, if you want to search through the entire gallery.

Be prepared for possible movement from the high temperatures from welding.

the thread below, discusses three different types of crown designs. The first link in the thread is old and goes to Harper’s NAUC pix., but the crowns are described and then there are some other links in the responses

Looking forward to the end result.:slight_smile:

Steve Howard’s gallery also has some welded frames with step by step photos through the build process. The one I’m thinking of used stainless, purely because he had some.

From a web scan a while back getting steel tubing, in small lengths (1’), seems pretty easy in the US. Not too expensive. In the UK they are normally available by the ~5metre, which makes it pricey if you need a small bit.


You could just shoot George an e-mail, or make a copy of his frame. For a really simple frame; one of George’s first frames he built for himself was just a short peice of square tubing for the crown and round tubing for the legs and seat tube. Plus, you could just buy some stamped bearing caps from to use for the bearing holders.



Here’s another phot of it.



I just remembered that George takes pictures of his frames when he’s setting them up in the jig. These would be very helpful for you. I’m sure he’d let you see them.

cheers… Mojoe in Iowa

here is the link

Can someone fetch up a link to where I can be bearing holders?? I looked at but for some reason I’m unable to find, do they have?

Thank you! And thanks again for all the input already.

Here you go. I think you can weld one side to the fame and use the other to hold the bearing. That is what you were thinking right?

Good luck, and be sure to post pics and a report of how it goes.


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Here’s the link:

Thank you…I wish it came with 4 :frowning:

if I remember correctly, they;re cheaper without the bolts. so you could buy one with and one without, or just two without and find some 1/4-20’s or something laying around. or sometimes messes up and ships you the bolts even though you didnt order them.