frame building

I have been out of unicycling for a wile now so im not up on the new trends. Im gona build a frame for real this time and im looking for some input. No fancy cnc bits this time. So what would you guys like to see in a 20" 24" or 36" frame? Im also thinking maybe building something for a surly wheel.

Light weight, strong, semi square/rounded crown design. Would be pretty cool

like this:

l _ l

Same as shay_cam really. I’m making something like that out of my Koxx frame soon :smiley:

I drew these up a while back. I think it would be awesome if these manifested in something more significant than paint. The idea is a little complicated but should hold up to anything.

frame tweak.bmp (883 KB)

frame idea 2 tweak.bmp (930 KB)

frame idea 3 tweak.bmp (930 KB)

these day people are trying to make these i think

Basicly, The idea is you have sdomething to put your foot on, but stay out of the way from your legs and knees.