Frame Builders!

Anyone know where to look for a good tubing supplier in the US?

I’m looking for straight guage aluminum with a 27.2mm ID for a seat tube.
i have been able to find a few bicycle specific suppliers that seem to only offer butted tubing. unfortunately I cannot just cut these up and use them as seat tubes due to the variance in inner diameter.

I am currently using a lathe to machine the seat tubes from a close sized tube stock, but if I decide to go into to larger production with these it’d be nice to save alot of time and possibly a few bucks as well.

any direction would be greatly appreciated.



It can be hard to find tubing. For example, the high end Cr-Mos for bike seem to be distributed only to professional frame builders. I buy stuff from Wick’s Aircraft ;

They cater to the hobbiest and they have some good stuff, (4130 Steel is what I bought from them). They may have the Aluminum you are looking for. Hope this helps

you might check out Air Parts inc.

They carry chromolly and a couple alum tubing specs. They mainly sell to aircraft and race car builders. I’ve used them for odds and ends. Nice folks.

-Cubby Also carries various tubing, along with other airplane stuff. we have switched to using wicks though (I think it was mostly a shipping time/price reason though).