Frame Builder Wanted

How do I go about finding someone to build me a custom frame? I know nobody who has access to the materials around here. And what can I expect to pay for a frame built from my design (rough estimate or price range would be fine)? Is there anyone on the forum who builds their own and wants to work with me on my own project? It’s pathetic having no idea where to go from here. I feel like I’m starting at square one and asking where I can buy myself a good unicycle.

Hey Paco, alot of it depends on the design. If you have everything spec’d out and measurments for it all, you’d probably just be paying for materials and machining/welding time. Materials your looking at $50-$100, depending on quality, and something like $50 an hour machining/welding time. So if it’s a simple easy design probably around $200 and then it would go up from there. Paint is an issue too, which could be done for $10 with spray paint or $50 to $100 for custom work. I havn’t made any unicycle frames before, but I have all of the equipment and skills availible. If your interested send me an email, it’s my username at gmail. You could also have it done at a local machine shop or something.

I also build frames and custom uni’s…just finished rough version of a zigzag 20"

I do have some pics of it. Not sure how to get them on here though lol

Are they digital pics? If so, they are pretty easy to upload, once you figure it out. I’d love to see your homebuilt frame.

Paco my frined, there is only one place you want to go to.

it is alittle rough so keep that in mind, it is rideable just needs the polishing to finish it.

Oh very kewl. I want one.
What was the inspiration?

It was fun to make and may consider makeing another, as far as an insperation…not sure I had one other than I didn’t want a cookiecutter uni. I wanted something original and one of a kind, or rare, I have other ideas for frames also but am not sure if they will work and still be rideable.

It’s definitely not a cookie cutter uni! That’s a lot of fun. What did you paint it with? How heavy is it? What did you use for the bearing holders? I like it a lot!

Congratulations; you have a one of a kind unicycle. That would be a lot of fun for performances.

And Gild; they seem like they would be great but they have a 2 to 6 month waiting list (sigh).

thank you. As far as the paint, well I work in the automotive industry so the paint is Chevy Orange engine block paint, ( I needed something to make it stand out for the pics) and I am planning on changing it. The weight is maybe a little on the heavy side but if you don’t plan on any elaborate tricks it will work, and as far as bearing holders, I bought them from a local guy here in MN who is selling uni stuff. Strength wise, well I am over 200lbs and it works great with my overweight body on it.

I have built some Giraffes also but that was 20 years ago or better…I just so happen to have pics of those also.

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I’ve been told they’re worth the wait.
Patience young man, patience.
Rome wasn’t balloon-sculpted in a day.

i can make a whole uni me to!