Frame Breakage

Im thinking of building a carbon fiber trials frame. I would like to know where people have had thier frames break other than the seat post. What where you doing when your frame broke?


The biggest stress on a unicycle frame is the side-to-side twisting you do whenever you pedal hard, especially if you’re holding the front of the seat or a handle. The second biggest stress is probably shocks and pushes-pulls in the up and down direction, also from the front of the seat. Where that stresses the frame will depend on how much post is inside it…

zoharj, you’re gonna have to take into account the peripheral polypropylene extensive forces that exert a reverse spherical influential pull on the inside of the tubular K-Bend. Maybe put a waffle plate titanium alloy plate in there. let me know what you end up going with.

that was good apart from you used plate twice. if it wasn’t for that I would have believed it. maybe.


Oh Adam!! I love you man

im still luaghing.

ROLF!, I didn’t even realize that was a joke! a Ti plate to reinforce it is actually a good idea though.