Frame bracket sets

I have an impact reagent unicycle frame and the bottom frame set that clamps the bearing to frame has become slightly damaged and was wondering if these would be interchangeable by brand as long as it’s for 42mm bearings or if anyone knows a place I could get replacements… preferably U.S.

For the best aesthetic and final result, you should be able to get some replacement bearing caps from UDC. In theory, you could use any brand of bearing caps for 42mm as long as the bolt holes align (but you may risk having the bearing caps sticking out a bit…).

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Not really, unfortunately. Some are, but most aren’t as the position of the boltholes is often in different locations.

In your case, I would send U.S. an email and ask if they have any that fit (they only have nimbus replacement bearing caps on the website, but especially for small parts like this, they sometimes have stuff that isn’t listed).

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I suspect that the housings on that frame will be very similar to, if not the same shape and size as on Oracle frames (for which UDC UK at least sells replacements).

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Thank you everyone for the help, I reached out to UDC and they had a solution, for now I can just switch the left and right sides and get enough use to last the duration of international shipping times. Thanks for suggestions!