fractured tibia & fibula

Unicyclists learn to ride on smaller wheeled, ungeared unicycles and I guess, with all the falls when learning to ride, you just get into the habit of walking, or, at faster speeds later on, running out. Besides, what’s the alternative? You either run out, or, hit the ground and slide/scrape :slight_smile:

I think the big reason bikers don’t run out of a crash, is cos it’s usually not an option- you straddle a bike, and, very few ways a bike can crash will make it feasible to run out of it.

Whereas with a unicycle, most UPDs result in the rider coming off the seat, while the unicycle just drops down, leaving the riders feet impacting the ground, where, the most obvious thing to do is go with the forward momentum and run out.

I wasn’t offering an option, I was commenting on the different types of injuries between the two.

Broken ankles and tibias/fibulas and knee injuries are more commonplace in unicycling, and broken wrists/forearms/clavicles are relatively more common on bikes.

You tend to lose skin rather than break ankles on a bike.


The pics of your legs were the pivotal moment for me to “forget about it” in regards to riding clipless pedals, so thanks :roll_eyes:

With bikes you have more support and control over a crash unless it’s an a$$ over tea kettle affair, in which case anything goes with those.

I have crashed far worse on a bike than on a uni, but my biggest injuries have been on a uni, so I think there may be more propensity for body damage on a uni…

Four months, you should be back riding.

I’m back to riding full difficulty muni. I started back into riding in July, about 7 months after injury. Healing is gradual, at first landing UPD’s on the injured leg was quite uncomfortable, but now I don’t really notice it.

My ankle does still hurt sometimes, and if it gets bad enough I have a tendency to favor it and limp a bit. Too much walking seems to get it, although pedaling makes no difference. Overall pain and limping is getting less and less. However, this morning was in the low 40’s F and was not comfortable. I’m apprehensive about winter. Doc says approx. 50% of patients tolerate keeping in the kind of external plate I’ve got, so we’ll see.


When it comes to broken tibias/legs, does it happen much with non-36-er unicycles?

The instances I’ve read of on this board have all been when coming off Cokers/36-ers: does it happen much, or at all, on smaller wheeled unicycles.

I know of one person who broke their ankle on a 20", but that was playing uni hockey and I think a factor was the contact/presence of other players, and, of course, it wasn’t a broken tibia.

My break was not tibia, but could have been if it had gone just a little differently. I was on a 26" guni in high gear on ice. . . not sure how comparable that is to others. :roll_eyes:

OK, I guess I should have asked if there’d been many/any broken legs/tibias caused by coming off unicycles other than, a 36-er or a guni (geared uni) of any size wheel…?..oh, and of course, giraffe unis :slight_smile:

Basically, I’m just trying to establish if most of those injuries could be avoided by sticking with the more old-school/smaller wheeled unis, when it comes to the activity of ‘just riding’.

Here’s a post about a similar injury. Wheel size is not mentioned, but I get the impression it was not a 36er, nor a geared wheel.

He was doing muni on a boulder-strewn slope, so I’d guess he would be on a 24 or 26", possibly 29?

Sounds like impact was no problem and that the break was caused by leverage from the unicycle as his weight went on it.

UPDs are often nasty when the unicycle ends up underneath you- I’ve come close to such ‘leverage’ incidents a couple of times.

A later post-

indicates he was actually doing a drop off a boulder?

so I’ll add that to the exclusion list i.e.

Has anyone heard of many/any broken legs/tibias caused by coming off unicycles other than, a 36-er or a guni (geared uni) of any size wheel…?..oh, and of course, giraffe unis… and, while doing extreme muni/jumping off boulders? :slight_smile:

And another. Riding down a steep slope, offroad, on a 20".

Thanks for that. Here’s the 1st post of the thread-

That’s sobering- a snapped leg coming off a 20".

From the pics of the hill, it was pretty steep and was a grassy one.

Someone on the thread raised the possibility of the break being caused by unicycle leverage post fall, rather than impact.

I’m wondering, given the look of the hill, whether it might have been a case of the foot sinking into a deep depression, and then the leg getting snapped as his body continued (the exact reason I never, ever, attempt to unicycle over a cattle grid).

But, as is often the case with these injuries, the op doesn’t seem to know exactly what caused the break- so it’s all just guesswork.

Interestingly, the last post on that thread is about a break on a 29-er:

Both have in common the steep downhill, and, obviously, any landing impact will be harder if you come off going downhill.

Keep them coming, this is most informative.

and another break on a 29-er this time