Fractured Calcaneous(Heel) Surgery next week

Got going to fast on the Coker, landed just “right”.
Waiting a week or so for swelling to go down then surgery and some metal I believe.
Bad start to my summer(graduating from college in 3 weeks). Just looking for some good feedback and someone to tell me I will be able to ride again. I know people have had worse, and I’ve seen the injury threads. Could just really use any advice/feedback/support on this.

Will get more info and scans over the next week.

Looking at getting a recumbant hand bike for the summer so I can still get out and enjoy life :stuck_out_tongue:

Bummer dude.
I looped my 24" quadangle haulin ass just jumping off a curb.
Bike flew 100ft,I went about 20ft.My heel is the first thing that hit.
Luckily I was only 15mins out,so I jumped on my bike and rode home before the pain really hit.
Freaked everybody that saw it out;had people asking me if I wanted a ride to hospital.Nope,my bikes go w/ me.

So went to the Dr that afternoon,he said there is like 2 bones that can break in that situation,either way,broken or not, healing time was 4-6,8 weeks.No surgery,just take it easy for a couple weeks.
Didnt get xrays cuz it didnt matter,was down 6weeks.

Your looking at most 6-8 weeks.Prolly 2-4 weeks.

I have 3screws and 2 plates in my left ankle as well,THAT took 6mos before I could even go w/o crutches.

Oh man. Well the first Orthopedic to look at my x-ray said I’m having surgery and then 8-10 weeks.

I’m more concerned to my performance after recovery than recovery speed at this point…

Performance shouldnt be an issue.
Let everything heal,follow Docs advice and you’ll come out of this OK.

Sux dude,I know how it feels to be hurt.

Your cool,fix your body.
You WILL BE ABLE to do it all over again!:wink:

Don’t get on the fora as often lately. Responded to your PM, but sharing here for the good of the order:

I broke the calcanious, had two cracks/breaks so essentially three pieces. The good thing is it wasn’t displaced and did not need surgery.

I broke it early September, was in a “walking boot cast” into October (better than a plaster/fiberglass cast, and could take it off for bathing).Walking/weight bearing in the boot, then to shoe, etc.

I did fully heal, but the strength atrophy in my calf muscle was significant. I also had very bad tendonitis in my achiles, probably from all that time I was imobilized. It was very painful after any exercise for probably six months and took a couple years to completely resolve.

I also had some pain in my ankle joints, could be from the bones settling in to slightly different configuration after the heel mended, but that completely resolved too.

Been over ten years now. No other permanent or long term affects.

I had a super hard landing on my heel that cracked that bone about three months ago. Only treatment was to take it easy.

I had about a week where I didn’t do much of anything, then I was able to walk (and ride!) as long as I kept all my weight on the toes. I got good at tiptoe dismounts, I wore out the heel on my other shoe that took all the weight when walking, I got a little stiff and sore from walking funny, but it wasn’t really a huge issue.

It took probably another month before I was comfortable putting weight on it wearing a shoe, even longer barefoot, but at this point it seems completely “heeled”! I’m guessing you won’t have any lasting problems.

Did you get the surgery?
How’d it go if so?

I had the surgery a few weeks ago. Apparently everything went awesome according to the surgen. I have 4 screws in me, but the bone popped back into place. The swelling has gone down quite a bit.

I have a boot to wear that I am able to take off whenever and can move my foot up and down, just not side to side yet. Am going back to the doctor at the end of june and should be able to put weight on it then, as well as some theropy.

Thanks for everyones feedback!

I also picked up a handcycle to rent for the summer yesterday so i can still get out do some rides!

Here is my heel pre-surgury. You can see in the xray how the top of my heel isn’t paralell where it meets the bone above it.



I had a similar injury a couple years ago except what I did was rather strange. I had a wicked heel spur in my right heel after many years of abuse (bailing of skate boards, 22 years of running, etc…). So while riding in Moab, UT a couple years ago I came off the uni and landed fairly hard on my right heel. Nothing out of the ordinary; do this all the time but this was the last straw I suppose. Shot of pain up my right leg and I could hardly stand! Turns out I literally fractured the heelspur off my calcaneous! X-rays showed the heel spur to be free floating and separated from the bone! This was actually a good thing because I’d been dealing with Plantar Fasciitus issues for years that were caused by the spur. However the break also tore some of the fascia that took a long time to heal up. So I was stuck in a cam walker boot for 3 months! Boo! But in the end my PF issue is gone (no more heel spur) and I was able to keep riding the uni during this time frame but just kept it to the roads and easy paved paths; no MUni. Got in enough riding and saddle time that I finally achieved my goal of riding a 100 miles on my unicycle which was pretty cool!

All the best in your recovery! Take it easy out there!

Just hopped on my coker for the first time today in almost 5 months. Got it on the 2nd mount and rode 30km!!
Thanks for everyone’s help and feedback.

It must feel good to be back in the game…