Fox North Shore Leg Armour

Has anyone tried these Fox Racing North Shore Leg armour?. They look very much like the Roach DH legs, in fact they look like their design has been borrowed wholesale (with a few improvements) from Roach.


it looks like they dont cover the bottom part of the shin at all, which is where i personally get hit the most. i would just say that you should get the six six ones, or the roaches

I already have Roaches, though they will need replacing eventually. In NZ Roach gear is very hard to get hold of.

Tony, dont forget, The newer ‘roach’ is actually made by race face, and is a significantly different product that what you probably have. I got a pair and was very suprised at the differences.

Re: Fox North Shore Leg Armour

There are two kinds of Roach DH armor. There is the Roach Indy DH.

I smashed my shin on a rock wearing those. In spite of the “armor” (padding?), there was blood and painful limping for several days.

Now I have Roach Rally DH.

(If you follow the link, you can click on the picture to see a nice big picture of the leg armor.)

Nice armor plating (it makes you “stand out” in a crowd of unicyclists, but you become nearly indestructible). But it’s not as comfortable or as form fitting though. I still wear the Indy DH if I’m mainly concerned about pedal pins (one scar is enough). Otherwise, I wear the Rally DH. It’s a trade-off between protection and comfort.

(Sorry, I know this wasn’t the point of your thread, but I wanted to raise people’s awareness level of what’s available – so they may make a more informed decision about the level of protection they choose to wear.)

Yes, you’re right Max. I have the old style Roach Indy DH armour.

I bought a pair of these just before CMW '04 because my previous pads didn’t have any calf protection. They’re bombproof armor for shins and knees and mitigate most impacts to the calf, but they leave your ankles w-i-d-e open for pedal bites. I’m still oozing pus from when Corbin’s new KH20 bit me last Monday!

I haven’t tried the Roach or KH pads, but I must say the Foxes are sweet. The interior of the pad has all kinds of vents and channels so my legs don’t get sweaty. My only complaint is the seam on the wraparound that goes under the knee… they should have added some fleece or cotton. After a few miles of riding, the seams tend to dig into my skin :frowning: