Fox News wants to film Pueblo CO Muni ride Thursday, July 14

Want to join a muni ride and be filmed for a news story? My friend Donald recently appeared in a story about river surfing in Pueblo. Afterward, the newscaster asked him what else they might film and he mentioned his interest in muni. The reporter and cameraman with a drone camera will meet us at a trailhead-to-be-named-soon in Lake Pueblo State Park on Thursday, July 14th at 10 AM. The ride will be moderately technical single track and a variety of abilities are welcome as Donald is probably in good shape but I have not been riding much aside from spins around the neighborhood on a freestyle uni. Please let me know if you’d like to join or want more details.

here’s the resulting story

Here is the story that Colorado Springs Fox 21 produced of a pretty fun ride in Colorado Springs.

Way to represents muni. Thanks for sharing the story.

    1. Well done guys :D:D

P.s. May I suggest that you post the video in a new thread with a heading indicating that it contains the video of the broadcast

Awesome! :slight_smile: