Fox knee/shin on ebay ends in 1 HOUR - HELP!

I just don’t know if I want to chance it - this guy won’t take returns.

But there’s only one other bidder and it’s at 99 cents.

Size large - I have large calves (15" at the fattest part) but I’m only 5’6".

These Fox are the ones with the hard shell but also have the wrap-around calf protection with velcro straps. I think they’re a couple of year-old 911s.

What do you think? Anybody, give advice please - and quick!

jezze for a buck id say go for it like if they dont fit dont worry there only a dollar

Well, yeah, the first guy bid a dollar but that’s probably not his highest bid. And the shipping is $12 plus a dollar insurance.

Anybody have any thoughts on the pads themselves? I did want something with padding in the back AND the hard shell.

While a question may seem like a good idea, it also is potential for competition. I would go for the pads even at $12 you can not really beat the price. I know aot of bikers who prefer that sort of armor over a soft 661 style pad, but I have not personally ever used them.

Good luck hopefully you wont get snyped.

I thought of that, but really wanted opinions. The other guy’s high bid was $11.50. So I got them for $11.51 plus the shipping and insurance is $25.

Thanks for your help. Hope they fit!

oh damnit!!

only if i was around wen u asked this qstion, coz i have a pair of the fox 911, like what u r talking about. And they r not the best for uni riding, becoz of the back straps, they irritated my leg, because of the constant movement around my knee and they also slip down if u dont do them reeeeaalll tight!!
And there isnt any back leg protection which i think, is a must for leg armour!

But oh well, see how u like em!

sorry for bringin up this thread, i just thought i should post in it! :o