Fouth of July pics

Here are just a few pics that a friend sent me recently from our awesome 4th July parade in Aspen. We had about 12 of us total riding. Most of these kids I help get started many years ago, so nice to see them growing up and still enjoying unicycling. My son and daughter rode, they were on 36ers, I was on a 29er, Knutson was on his 3 x 20 giraffe- which is quite the crowd pleaser. Bummer though, he broke his thumb that day on a UPD. The parade in Aspen is always excellent, lasts over an hour. The youngest girl who joined us, was visiting from upstate NY and had her unicycle on her vacation. There was an estimated 20,000+ people watching the event. I rode the route over a dozen times, after our initial ride through as a group. It is so fun to have the streets open like that, the biggest obstacles I had to watch for was lama poop, horse poop, and tons of candy. Good times were had by all. :smiley:

1st pic= yours truly
2nd pic= me, my son, my daughter
3rd pic= part of the group at a corner

4th pic= group shot at end
5th pic= Knutson leading the way

That looks like an excellent day out.


The main thing I noticed was that as a family you own at least 3 GB4 handlebars! I only have two in my possession, now I am jealous.

Those pix give me memories and a good feeling in my heart.

I like what you’ve done with your hair Mike :smiley:

Looks like a ton of fun. Love the 36ers w streamers.

Good times! I think I’ll add to it…

Pic 1 - Jesse Millikan, Myself, Tom Miller
Pic 2 - Post parade: Tom, Myself, my wife Linda (sitting), Jesse
Pic 3 - The U.S.V. (Unicyclist Support Vehicle) which my wife drove behind us in the parade. It was used for giraffe mounting and cold beverages.

Also looks like a great day out. Have to watch out for power lines and aircraft with the big giraffe?