fourty four fotos of a FUni Freak-end

here are 44 Fotos of the Cali-Muni week-end. from DudleyDoRides camera.there are none from Sunday since we were driving home to Oregon that day.

Thanks jagur, I saw them earlier today, though I’ve noticed you’ve been busy adding captions, so thanks for the heads-up. My fave is the last one;
When did you loose the tooth? I don’t rember noticing it before.

Looks like a good time. What’s this you’re talking about building another 24 incher :thinking: Make up yo mind man.

cheers… Mojoe

Oh yeah, George has been putting up some video clips of our ride yesterday. check em out yo…
I managed to bend my Profiles a little more too.

Great Pix Man, I really wish I was there!

maybe next year.


im going to make the 29er more of a road uni and build up a 24.the 29er is fun and fast but not hardcore enough for some of the rides near Bend,Or and i think i’ll be going there again so i better just resign myself to have 3 uni’s instead of two.

as soon as i get the original hub back from SH and some 138mm cranks,i will pull the profile hub out of it and start on a new Muni.hopefully a Hunter.

That’s cool. As much as I love my 29er for easy singletrack, and when I’m in the mood to take it easy and be a kinder, gentler unicyclist, there is just no substitute for the 24x3 when I don’t want my equipment holding me back. Especially when riding with others, I always have the urge to push my limits and show off a little bit.

A hunter would be a great muni frame and I wish I could limit myself to just 3 unicycles, but I just love the Coker’s “magic carpet ride”, and I see a trials uni in my future also. I got to play around on George’s trials uni Saturday and it was so much fun. It’ll make a good uni for my gravel driveway freestyle riding too. I just need to start saving for the Profile hub and cranks.


How much would you ask for the profile cranks?? Hint-hint.


Mojoe wrote:

I also like the last picture. That’s a pair of very elegant looking machines.

The unicycles look O.K. too.

Steve Howard

dont know,but if i did sell them it would be at a premium.they are some of the original 145’s to get shipped to and they dont have the stupid hole in the right side for a chain ring.they are never going to be made like that again,its not even possible to custom order them that way…if i do sell them,i’ll post about it and sell to the highest since in getting rid of a collecters item and ripping myself off at the same time…

nice Wwalking in the Cali-TV spot by the way…