fourth post, first uni

OK -

I’m into my fourth week of Uni-ing. I’ve gone 50 meters a number of times,
and can often make 20+ meters. I’ve found the “sweet spot”, that beautiful
zen-like point where all your weight is on the seat, the forward lean is
perfectly balanced by the constant forward speed, and the pedalling is

I wish I could find that sweet-spot every time I get on, but I can’t. It’s
also quite hard to find the spot when I lose and regain composure.

Any helpful suggestions? Just practice?


I complained I needed new shoes till I met a man with no feet.


Just time :slight_smile:

Just time…that is an appropriate answer. Try riding for longer periods of time and your legs will get tired. For me, I learned to sit when my quads were exhausted. When the big muscles wear out you will start using the smaller ones to greater effect.

Joe is right, the longer you ride, the more tired your legs will beome and your technique will completely take over and your body will naturally find the sweet spot. The science behind this is, your brain tries to do it but brains suck when it comes to movement, so you have to let the muscles do their work. Sounds crazy but its true.