So I haven’t made a vid for a while, so here it is.

It’s called “fourteen” because I filmed it all on my 14th birthday. It’s not the longest video.



Please rate, and comment…


Isaac :slight_smile:

Wow! killing those flip tricks! Your the best Unicyclist named Isaac Steiner:D !

Damn thats awesome, you’re really good!:smiley:

Nice! You’ve got a pretty cool style. Its awesome to see you improve.

nice one I wish I would be that good on my 14th birthday:) …oh wait thats today :frowning:

Wow, nice flip tricks. You learn so fast! Nice highjump bar :sunglasses:

Excellent! You remind me of Miles a little.:smiley:

Btw, how many inches high was that bar?

Isaac, you’re improving really fast! :smiley: Keep it up!

Nice riding, your realy getting on, nice flips and nice high jump, looked pretty respectable. Good going.

Haha, I watched it again and this time I saw the little “54cm” caption. I missed it the first time 'cause I was busy watching the jump.

And what may i ask is this “google” you speak of? Is that some kind of hair gel? :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes:

Sweeeeeeet, get any unicycle related gifts?

54 cm and 21.2 inches.

Sweet riding Isaac. Your flat looks really really smooth. So does your uni ;).

Happy Birthday

Lol, yeah I know i already did the conversion. It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to convert CM to inches, or any conversion for that matter; I do it all the time. I just didn’t notice the “54cm” caption in the video the first time I watched it. The caption was on the far left but I was watching the highjump, then the caption faded as he jumped over. I just missed it. :o

Anyhoo, 21" is really good, so now I don’t feel so terribly inadequate being just a literal hair short of clearing 18" on my 24" Muni… and doing it seat in! I guess I’ll have to try for 21" when I get my new KH trials this week! Much Smaller & lighter…just might have a chance!

Well Terry, I know that it’s pretty easy to draw the eye to anywhere on the screen. I was personally looking at the small amount of space between Isaac’s tire and the bar.

Well, again, the little 54cm (short lived) caption wasn’t “glaring” out at me like sore thumb; but maybe your peepers peripheral vision is just better than mine lol! Well, we’ve beat this horse to death…are we about done here? :stuck_out_tongue: Scan the whole post now!



You can! I have faith in you; just practice and you’ll get it!:smiley:

um…ok. I guess the yonger generation takes their “grooming” to a different level lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Nicely done, though you shouldn’t have done it all on flat.

How do people ride with such a low seat?

Happy birthday.

awesome vid! street destroyer!!! you have such good tricks…im so jealous. dug the music

Looks like hes just short. He reminds me of a nz rider thats about the same height. Exact same riding style, you basically looked like his clone when u did the sex change.