Four fools flounder on giraffes

Tom Jackson, Steve DeKoekkoek, John Childs, and I braved the inclement and unpredictable Seattle weather today and took a long giraffe ride on the Burke-Gilman Trail. John and Steve would speed ahead and then Tom and I would say to cyclists traveling the other way, “hey, I bet you’ve never seen anything thing like two people on tall unicycles before,” when 20 seconds earlier they had seen another pair.

It rained quite a bit on us on our return leg. Steve, who claims that despite taking a shower with three other men he had a fun time, posted the photos in his gallery but not here. So I swiped this one from him.



Are you all on six-footers? It looks to me like the gentleman next to you has a 24 inch wheel–is that so? Would a six footer w/20 inch wheel be able to accomodate a 24 inch?

I assume you are all able to freemount!!! Looks like a lot of fun.

Re: Four fools flounder on giraffes

Put that picture right back where you found it! If you want to see something really scary click on that pic for the original 675KB 1600x1200.

The real truth is here. I would have posted earlier but I was stumped for a witty thread title.

Harper is too modest, besides the only free mounter in the group (the rest of us had to pay harper to hold us up) he was the first to “limbo” under a low pedestrian overpass just to prove the biggest, or at least tallest, fool could get through. Tom, John, and I dutifuly followed in his wobbly tracks.

Yes, I have a 24" wheel. I also understand a 26 will fit. Tom is on a 5 footer.

It was a gas!!

Three different frames are represented. Mine is a Semcycle, John and Steve both have Schwinns, and Tom is riding what might be a Maxwell (they could have lied to me about that). If you follow Steve’s links to the hi-rez pictures, you will see that all of the frames can easily accommodate a 24" wheel. I’m sure the Sem and the Schwinns could handle a 26" wheel.

Steve’s 24" is much more pleasant on a longer ride. The 24" wheel makes a big difference, giving you an additional foot per revolution. The 24" wheel smooths out the path irregularities somewhat, too. The tradeoff is fine control and, if you are reasonable, giraffes are not meant for commuting. We aren’t all that reasonable though, are we?

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Ohh… That is not fair!
The ride was over, my crotch was sore, I didn’t want to cross a busy street to get back to the parking lot…

I made it the entire ride without a UPD. And my intentional dismounts were better than Greg’s too.

The best part of the ride was watching Greg limbo under the low footbridge before everyone else. Once I saw him make it under with room to spare I was willing to attempt it myself. Who is the brilliant city planner who decided to put an 8 foot high overpass on a cycle path?

And I was way more than 20 seconds ahead of Greg. He’s so slow.

Sore? At least you had feelling. I’m think I’m still numb.

Your dismounts were very pretty, text book uni in front. Too bad my UPD wasn’t onto the shoulders of the sk8er that ran me off the trail. :angry:

Based on the glow off your giraffe I think you got too close to the nuclear part of Greg’s lab. :astonished: