Found what I want for Christmas!

each to their own :slight_smile:

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As long as you promise to ride it on one wheel (if it will let you).


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There’s the rub. I think the Segway would fight against most attempts at doing interesting tricks on it. I just want to play with one, not ride it to work every day.

you could probably make two semi-auto balance unis from it

Seems like an empowering device for the dissabled who can stand but not walk, and who prefer not to seperate themselves socialy by being lower in a chair. Otherwise, it’s a freak show for fat policemen. Make it 4 times larger and you’d have a cool chariot… but then, who could reach the controlls? Humm… it could be driven by a team of sedantery obease teamsters…

Oh, and you may find more iddle banter on this contraption in the Just Conversation Forum.


Hmmm Think I’d prefer 200 CDs of my choice.

i cant belive how much hype surrounded that dumb dicycle.they weigh like a 100lbs too.

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For Christmas? The jury is still out.
“Available now for delivery starting March 2003.”

Klaas Bil

If you stretch a standard Slinky out flat it measures 87 feet long.

I was going to surprise you, too. Oh well…the modifications I’ve done to it will surprise you. Think hydrazine.

Some how I don’t think he intends a cure for cancer. RATO’s? -Ahhh, I knew something was missing! Mount 'em on the handle bars…