Found Two Vagabond brand Unicycles

Hey everyone!
Haven’t posted in quite a while, but I figured I’d come back by posting a few pics. :slight_smile:

These two unicycles were found on separate occasions. If anyone knows anything else about them, please post info. :slight_smile:
The red one was found by my dad who happened to come across it at a recycling centre. It has the most uncomfortable seat I’ve ever had the displeasure to attempt to sit on. It still rides well otherwise, bearings are in good shape and paint is still pretty nice (probably because no one wanted to be on it for long). It’s obviously been roughed up over the years. It’s the first 16-inch diameter wheel I’ve rode. The wheel itself is plastic and the tire is hard rubber.

The chome one was actually given to my little brother by an elderly man who saw my brother riding by his house a few weeks ago. Definitely a lot newer but needs a bit of work in terms of polishing, it’s speckled with rust all over it’s chome finish… It’s got an older style seat too, but definitely more comfortable than the red one. I really like this one for it’s white wall tire. It’s also a 16-inch, but the pneumatic tires make a much nicer ride. I want to clean this one up for myself but my brother isn’t going to give it up to me anytime soon, even for the cash I’ve offered him. Hehe.

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That white seat reminds me of my first uni: a Pashley UMX. The seat was a narrow strip of slightly curved metal, with a thin bit of foam held on top by a loose fitting cover. :astonished:

See this thread for details of the infamous Bracycle.

Wow…and I thought my seat was uncomfortable :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s definitely something you don’t want to get used to if you usually ride KH style seats.

weird, i rode the same style of uni as the red and white one. I found it in a garage and managed not to lower my sperm count with that seat.

The one with the plastic rim looks like a JuggleBug, but I can’t read the sticker on your frame. I have one similar to it that I was given for free, but that seat looks like a 2x4 painted white!

The white seat has to be the worst seat I have seen in my brief unicycling career. Even worse than a Savage seat which I think is like the black one with the metal bumpers. OUCH!!

Thanks for posting it though. It is always fun to see the old unicycles.

That vagabond looks deadly similar to my savage. The only thing different is that mine has a quick release, and a 20" wheel. That’s definitely a savage seat : )

Looks like they are exactly the same.

Did you learn on that one? I hope not.

I’m thinking that seat would be awesome for unispins, as long as you aren’t landing to seat in :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: