Found the key, Getting a whole lot better now

On the way back from my friend’s house I was riding my unicycle to the park to go and practice gliding. But on the way I decided I’ll try some 360 Revs (Like crankflips but feet are on the pedals). Because Me and My other friend always do 180 Revs. So I tried them and I was surprised I could just about do them without practice. As I did (or done, I should know which one to use by now…) them more, I perfected them within 10-15 minutes which is very surprising.

I found that I was getting alot of height off my uni so that lead me to 180 unispins which I’ve hardly practiced. Everytime I had tried them I thought they were absolutely impossible. But this time, I had no fear, got heigh off my uni and I was so much better! I just need to practice landing them. In no time I will have mastered the 180 unispin which I thought was impossible.

Also along those lines of getting height of my uni, on the way back from the park I did a kinda rolling hop to the side and I did it a little bigger than usual because I “sprang” myself more.

This is exciting so I am going to go out and uni more often! I plan to “lay off” the forums for awhile till i make my new vid at the end of this year. I’ll show you guys what I have learnt from now to the end of this year. I’ll still occasionally be on the fora so see you around. :wink:

(Oh, and the key of height, it works for me.)

Just so you know your friend would be doing a half rev and you are doing a full rev.A 180 rev is a full rev with a 180 hop and a 360 rev is a 360 and a full rev

OK then, forget the 180 and 360, I mean a Rev and Half a rev, no hops involved.