Found something almost as bad as a loose shoelace

Went for a ride the other night and had a sweat jacket on and as I rode I removed it and tied it around my waist, and sure enough as I started cruising the wheel all of a sudden just stopped causing me to fall as a piece of my jacket was hanging down and got caught between the tire and frame.

What size wheel? I’ve often done the same thing when I get too warm but usually on a 24" MUni so there’s a bit more space between my waist and the wheel. Still I try to roll the jacket a bit before tying so there’s less hanging down.

It happened to you three times?

Nice one.

beat me to it lol

Happend to me once riding my 29", I was using my jacket to pad the seat and It go caught. Luckily the wheel didn’t jam and I pulled it out and tied it to the frame whilst riding.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch! Especially worrisome on a 36", where the wheel is closer. I’ve had this happen in the past, but usually you get a noise that tells you you’re ruining your jacket before anything worse happens…

And as Daytripper knows, I’m well acquainted with worse. :astonished:

i really thought i was missing a huge joke until i got onto the next page of rec. sport XD

secondly… i don’t understand how having something tied round your waist could get jammed between the frame and wheel, unless you where riding backwards, or are you guys reffering to getting it caught on the pedals or something :S

If the wheel is turning forwards and your jacket gets caught on it then it probably will get between the frame and tyre. :smiley:

god, i have no idea what i was thinking.