(Found one thanks) Wanted 24 uni with isis hub

I’m looking for a used 24 inch uni with Isis hub, preferably a nimbus II or a nimbus muni This is for riding at an indoor bike park over the winter. It can be an slightly older Uni but has to be in good working order i’m not looking for a project. I live Pennsylvania and i’m not looking to have anything shipped from over seas U.S. Sales only.
It has to be a 24 I have a 20 and a 26.

Thanks, now go dig around in your garage and sell that unused 24 and raise your self some holiday cash.


Just keeping my post relevant, looking for a 24 inch nimbus II or Muni or KH with ISIS hub or QUAX with Q axel. would like to have a smaller wheel to ride an indoor bike park this winter. Age is not an issue, condition is, no projects please, US sellers only. thanks

I just bought a 24 Oracle because of me posting a “wanted ad” on trading post The seller read my post and reached out to me. He made me a nice offer which I took and It was shipped yesterday , I can’t wait to ride it.


Oh great! I sold a 24 inch KH muni in early December in this way, what happened was that the buyer posted a wanted ad. It was a great uni to learn stuff on and to gain more confidence.

I ended up buying myself a new 29” nimbus muni as a result :slight_smile:

When I started back riding it was on a 24 schwinn that I still have but don t use. I have a 20, 26, two 29ers and a 32. I wanted a good 24 to ride indoors this winter and to toy around with on some tight trails. This should fit the bill.

Good stuff, enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks I will.