Found great deal on "take a look" mirror!

Just ordered my new “take a look” rear-view mirror from “”. Here’sthe link to the mirror:

While everybody else is selling them for at least $15.95, to well over $20, this website sells them for only $11.95! You can order online or phone at 1-800-682-0570. I opted for UPS 2 day, and I’ll have them Thursday. :smiley:

PS: They even have TWO sizes; regular and compact. (see pics below)


sweet. i always have to turn my head around and i tend to veer off course :wink:


no harm intended… just couldnt resist the opertunity.

how are you gonna mount them?

They mount to any pair of glasses. Cycling, sun, or prescription.

They ALSO mount to your helmet as well. very versatile!

Or even safety, I am required to have them at work and so mount it on safety glasses at midnight on my way to work. For day time, it’s helmet, usually.

I’ve always wondered how safe those are. I mean, if you fell awkwardly, couldn’t it poke your eye out? :astonished: I’d rather just look behind me to see what’s coming. I learned to do this without swerving on a bike, and the skill seems to have naturally transfered to unicycling.

I have one of these and they are very nice and convenient, I would recommend this to someone who rides around cars or other high traffic areas.

No problem because I ALWAYS wear sunglasses. They also will “break away” if you fall. But it might be interesting to search the web for ANY confirmed reports of one of these mirrors breaking on impact, or otherwise, and causing eye injuries, or and injuries for that matter.

If saving a couple dollars is such a big deal, why did you get 2 day shipping? :thinking: The shipping probably cost more than the mirror.

Not really, plus there’s no tax. You certainly don’t have to “splurge” on 2-day select if you can’t afford it, or just don’t want to spend the extra $3, but it was worth it to me so I could have them by Thursday for my big ride this Friday!

Bottom line is that even with the extra shipping, the total cost is still LESS than if I bought them elsewhere online, or directly from a retail store, if you can even FIND them in a retail store! :smiley:

I typed in my zip and it said about $14 for 2 day shipping. Maybe you live next door to the factory or something. :slight_smile:

For me it was about $9 and change. About $3 more than standard delivery, which has no guaranteed arrival time, as does the 2-day. So it was worth it to me. It’s like paying a little extra for better seats at a (insert favorite band here) Concert; you can still see it for less in the cheap seats, but sometimes you just want to treat yourself to something better. Some people pay extra for “Full-service” at the gas station; now that IS rediculous, unless you might have a “handicap” that makes it hard to pump the gas yourself. I like to get good deals just like most people, and so far I’ve done pretty well. I bought my house in 2002, and it’s more than doubled in value; of course that could change up or down, but it will always be worth more than I paid for it. And other than my home mortgage, I have no debt, no wife or kids to support, and I paid cash for my 2003 Hond crv. So I think I can afford $20 for the mirror! :sunglasses:

Like a different concert?

Yeah, I guess that was a lame, or even “cliche” example, as I have actually NEVER been to a Stones Concert! But because musical tastes are to diverse, I could have used ANY example and either YOU, or someone else would have probably taken issue with it. But that would miss the point, as you clearly have. :sunglasses: But that’s ok. No worries. So, anyhoo, please go back and read my post again!..I’ll wait…there, is that better?