found a video on filming gilby for inner balance :)

an interesting note to aspiring filmmakers…

look how i move the camera by turning my whole body.

the bigger the muscle group you use to steer the camera, the smoother your shot will be.

you see me turning the camera with my back/shoulders (keeping most everything else quite rigid), instead of twisting it in my forearms

also, the more you film instead of ride, the fatter you get

as well as the ‘not at eye level’ perspective

Nice job. I have never seen gilby or the nutso 2 wheeled uni in moving image. Filming with a rigid body reminds me of the sasquatch. Scientists think if they exist they would not have a twistable spine forcing them to move a lot like you just did.

I believe you mean ‘Samsquantch’?

Yeah, Gilby is awesome on that thang.