Foss tubes

I don’t know when they went opaque but I had a couple clear ones. They say that they can only be patched with their patches, but I had better luck with standard rubber patches. I’ve done the melt and pinch thing and it worked for a while then I got a new hole at the edge of the pinch. A decent trick to get you home, but not what I would consider a permanent fix.

I have switched back to running a standard 29" tube in a 36er for ease of patching and local availability, while keeping the weight savings.

Any one have a good suggestion for a regular inner tube for my 32 night rider. I haven’t ridden enough on my foss tube to have any problems other than having to pump it up every time I ride. I have read quite a few posts with people complaining about them.

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Use a regular 29" inner tube.


Anyone try the 32 x 1 75 - 2.25 tube sold at walmart? Is this tube to narrow for the 32 nightrider tire?

Don’t worry too much about it. Is the tyre you use bigger than 2.25? If it’s 3.0, then you need a bigger tube. Otherwise it’s gonna work.

2.5 night rider

Then 32 x 1,75 - 2,25 or 29x1,75 - 2,25 will work.


I fixed a leaking tube once using black roofing sealant and a small piece of tube when I didn’t have a proper patch on hand. It seeped air for about a day then sealed up and has been holding for months now. It might be an option given that trying to get conventional glue to seal in a location like that will be difficult. The roofing sealant is nasty stuff that will stick to everything.