Foss Tubes

They said April, so I guess any time from now until the end of April :wink:

Sounds good! Got another (EXTREMELY slow) puncture over the weekend. My 36er tyre is starting to resemble patchwork… Could definitely use a replacement soonish!

Surely you mean your inner tube? How many miles have you done on your TA tyre?

Has anyone used a Foss tube in a 3" wide tyre? I was planning on using a Foss tube with my 26 x 3 tyre, but on the box it says that maximum width is 2.25.

Ok so I put the Foss tube in, and it seems good. I don’t get to test it for real yet because of bad weather. My Nimbus Oracle 26 feels pretty light now with Surly Knard tyre and Foss inner tube.

to Foss or not…

Well finally bit the bullet and fitted a Foss tube to my Nimbus 36. The old tube just died of old age (rubbed on drilled holes in the rim). Pulled off the protective tape and filed all of the sharp edges off the holes (very sharp and raised), replaced the tape and fitted the new tube. Went for a ride - did around 14km. Two mornings later there was a loud bang in the garage and the tyre was as flat as a tack! Pulled it all apart again (damn the tyre is a pain to get on and off) and a small hole had appeared on the inside edge of the tube against the rim. The protective tape still seemed in place and undamaged. I cleaned the rim again, added another layer of soft tape over the standard protective tape, repaired the tube and put it all back together again. Fingers crossed that it holds up this time or I am back to standard tubes. As a side note, the schrader valve in tube is set very deep and I had to wind it out a little to pump the tyre up, then tighten it when finished - kind of annoying!

Oh well I tried! The repair and refit lasted just 2 days - back to standard tubes for me :slight_smile: The good news is I can now change the tyre very quickly!

Well, this week I learned tubes go in blue, and come out green. Gross! :astonished:

Sadly my tube has pushed through the rim and blown up twice this week, so I’m replacing it, but thought it was interesting to see how it was green when it came out :smiley:

There’s now a German alternative.
And there’s a Swiss alternative.
That last one took forever to become truly available.
Still I would love to have 20" x 2.1 latex innertube.

Speaking of tubes, (but not really related to this topic), I see you use the qu-ax handle with the foam protection (I had also been using this handle for a while).
The foam is really comfortable but the issue is that it gets deteriorated at each single UPD.
I do not use this handle anymore for now but I use the same foam tubes (that you can buy for few $/£/€) to protect my handlebars and to protect this foam I used an old 24" tube.
Here is a picture:

I’m already speaking about this in this Post

Anyway,concerning foss tubes I have been using it on my 29er, my 36er and my ungeared 26er and never had any issue so far.
I just have to inflate it before a ride since it slowly deflates between each ride.
The only time I had got a flat with my 36er wheel was with the original 36er tube and the TA tire that I tried to inflate more than the 32 PSI (max recommended). Didn’t notice it and found my tire perfectly flat.
The failure was around the valve, so not much difference with Foss tubes.

I now have a (much lighter) Nightrider tire and foss 36" tube and inflate it at about 40 PSI more or less 2 PSI depending on where I ride.

With how much PSI did you have a flat Piece Maker?

I don’t use foam anymore because it gets trashed too easily - I use normal bicycle handlebar tape now (As you can see from my picture, I have some fun with it and wrap two different colours) :smiley:

I run about 45PSI in my tyre, give-take. The tube lasted me a whole year without a single flat at around that pressure, but this week I had two blowouts so decided to just replace it - the first one was while I was riding, and was more of a slow steady leak than a blowout, but the second one was a genuine kaboom - scared my mum half to death! :astonished: My plan is to put some form of duct tape under the normal rim tape to pad it out a bit and prevent the tube blowing through the rim holes again, let’s see if I can get more than a year out of it! :smiley:

I use trial rimtape meant for drilled rims for that, but isn’t as strong as I wish.
You might try rimtape meant for tubeless, which anyway isn’t leaking air trough.

Yeah I was going to try gorilla tape, which is the ‘rim tape’ I used when trying for tubeless and is strong as hell! :smiley:

I’ve had a Foss tube in my 36-er for several years now. My experience so far is that I’ve averaged more flats than in my pre-Foss days, but that’s a comparison of one flat ever (on a 36") compared to 2 flats in maybe 4 years. During that time, I’ve had a much lighter wheel. Never tried stretching a 29" rim in there, but fear I would destroy it in the struggle to get the tire back on.

After my first Foss flat, 2-3 years ago, I replaced the tube with a fresh one. At that time, there weren’t any Foss 36" tubes available so I ordered a set of patches. I’ve had the leaky tube in a big ziploc bag since then, until I developed a leak in my newer Foss tube. I found my Foss patches, which were still sealed in their original packaging, and gave one a try. It was by far the easiest patching job ever; no need to roughen up the surface! Just make sure it’s clean and dry, then peel and stick the patch. I gave it some solid pressure with my fingers (squeezing it flat as it was off the rim), waited a while, and that was it. That was 2 weeks ago and the tire hasn’t lost pressure.

So I still like my Foss tubes. They have the best looking valves, and somehow the name just sounds like it should be on my unicycles. :slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER: I have no connection to the makers of the Foss tubes (no relation). I am still curious to know where/how they came up with the name, as it would surely be interesting to me and my relatives. I would happily be a sponsor in exchange for free product… :o

I had zero flats on my FOSS aside from this week - so that’s zero flats in ~13 months. On my old black butyl tube, I had… I wouldn’t even know. My tube resembled patchwork as noted earlier on this thread, and one of the seams on the tube blew out so that tube was unfixable. I’d had the uni about 5-6 months at that point.

I dunno how I’ve had less flats - when I checked my tube, it didn’t have any sealed holes in it. Guess I just got lucky :smiley:

Unfortunately no 36". I wrote to Schwalbe and they said they won’t make a 36" version, because they don’t have 36" tyres.

Well… This is disappointing. I got my new FOSS tube and chucked it in the tyre, all was well. I went for a long ride in the sun this weekend, and while sitting at the brewery getting drunk… err, relaxing before my 12-mile ride home, my tube went with a bang again!

Pulled it out the tyre and, like my old green tube, the tube had blown out on the inside, as though it’d pressed through the rim holes. I was on a big group ride, and they were all awesome and helped me heave the tyre back on after patching the tube with a FOSS patch, but nope, it still leaked a bit. I managed to get home but had to pump it up a good 10+ times!

I got home, ripped the patch off (thinking I’d just applied it a bit bent and it was leaking out the side), and popped a new one on. Put it in the tyre, pumped to 30, and left it. I’ve checked on it and it’s down again. I really don’t see how I could’ve patched it wrong, you stick it on and hold it for a minute, and it’s done, right? :astonished:

Considering my previous tube lasted a whole year without issue, I’m a bit gutted to see this one only last a few weeks… I’m considering trying to melt it together, because otherwise I’m not going to be using this tube anyway, so might as well test the theory.

I’m probably going back to black tubes - I use my 36er to commute on and so would much rather take reliability over lightweight-ness. Maybe I’ll try getting a 29er to stretch, but couldn’t get that to work last time… Hmm, decisions!

do you happen to know whether the seam was in front or behind the valve? I remember hearing somewhere that that mattered…somehow…

I’m taking out my 29+ tube today because it’s bulging and causing the tire to rub on the frame (not an oracle frame, an older nightrider frame with less clearance)

Swapping back to the commuter thick tube. It’s what I have in my g36 too, because 1 scary blowout on a geared 36 is enough for me, thanks.

It’s in front of the valve when at the bottom of the rotation, where the instructions point it.

The blow-out wasn’t on the seam though, it was on the under-belly of the tube (ie. where it meets your rim strip) - there’s a line going right round the inside of the tube, and it was along this that it blew out. My rim strip is perfect, no sign whatsoever of it forcing its way through it into the rim hole.

I’ve thrown in a butyl tube for now just so I can get back to uni commuting :smiley:

Why are people still using these? Why should it matter where a seam on your tube is?

It’s asinine I’m sorry. Put a 29er tube in and call it a day.