FOSS tube puncture repair - can anyone share from his experience

Hi All,

Before I got my 36" Uni I thought it would come with a regular inner tube - so I thought fixing a puncture would be with the good old method of patches.

But, surprise! it came with FOSS tube and it did seem weird to go with the patches in case of puncture (not that I had any yet :)).

So I found this link:

And I understood that with a proprietary heater or even a lighter the tube material melts and after it is cooled down the puncture is then fixed.

Can anyone share from his experience if that is really that easy?
I would appreciate any tips you have regarding this.

Thanks a lot!

Usually people link to this video:

Since over 20 years I never repair inner-tubes anymore. But it looks like it can’t be more difficult. I think it’s like burning a nice end on a synthentic rope. Be in time to stop burning.

Even more than on the page you’ve linked?
Why not just try it like in the YouTube video; it will cost you a nail and a tube.

I was looking for more of a personal experience tips from people who actually had a chance to fix puncture in the outdoors - but anyway thanks for the video link :slight_smile:

If you have a Foss tube, you should get the special self-adhesive patches for FOSS tubes and bring them with you.

I got a flat last fall, and I thought the Foss tube (36") had finally caved in because of the ‘cut-outs’ in the rim, but it was just a small piece of glass. I put one of the special patches on, and it worked fine.

I did the repair at home, but I could just as easily have done it outdoors (if I could locate the hole that is).

Thanks a lot for the tip!

This was what I meant by saying “from personal experience” :slight_smile:
The user guides and vids can promise many things but no substitute to real-life experience.