forward and backward balance is good, BUT.....

OK, I can really feel myself on the unicycle now, if it starts to get too far ahead of me or behind me I can compensate…feels like I could go for miles.
HOWEVER I am having a lot of trouble with losing my balance to the sides, because of that I can only go about 40 feet.
Sometime I can get back on balance when I start to fall to the left, but the right gets me every time.
I barely ever fall off from losing my balance backward and forward however, is this a normal part of learning?

You’re normal (from what I can read in your post). Now you have to learn to steer left & right in small amounts to catch yourself as you lean to one side or the other.

You’re almost there! The learning curve will start to flatten out now. Except for the freemount…

Try concentrating on keeping as much weight as possible on the saddle. Your problem could be that you have too much weight on your feet and then the pedaling action causes loss of balance.

Just a general tip for turning…

I don’t know what this is like for beginners because I didn’t turn like this when I was learning, but now I find it noce and smooth and easy to turn by putting one arm in front and one behind. To turn right, you’d put your left arm to the front and slightly around to the right and the right arm behind and slightly to the left.

Another one is leading with on of your legs. If you want to turn right, lean your right leg out to the right and the uni should follow.

Just a few ideas…you’ve really got to find out what works best for you.

Good luck,