Forum updates & features - New emojis

I’ll use this topic to list and explain things regarding the forum software updates over time, as sometimes they get shipped with changes or new features.
These updates are made by the forum software’s developers at and have nothing to do with me.

2 months ago, the image upload was improved. Basically, very large images are now resized and recompressed before they are sent to the server.
That means that if you sometimes encountered a message like “image too big” when trying to post pictures from your smartphone or a digital camera, it’s likely you won’t encounter it anymore and you’ll be able to upload pictures without hassle.

Today’s update adds a fast edit feature. You can now edit parts of your own posts directly from a thread without having to open your entire message:

Useful when you just want to change a few words or fix a typo.


A new forum software update has shipped with minor changes.

The real-time search that showed results at the same time as you were typing keywords is gone forever, for performance reasons. It stills displays results among usernames, tags, and category names in real-time though.
However, to display posts results, you must now press Enter or click the line below the search input:

The search bar now remembers your last searches for quick access:


Searching with Ctrl-F while being on a long topic in which all posts aren’t loaded still opens the Discourse search, but it mentions more clearly than before that you’ll be searching inside the current topic:


:information_source: If you don’t like how it behaves, you can still use the key F3 on many browsers to open the native browser search (but it will then search only in the loaded posts, not in the entire topic).

When reading a long post, the author’s avatar will now scroll down along the post:


:warning: the feature seems kinda buggy at this time, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

As you can see, they are small changes. There are other numerous changes or addition, but nothing worth being mentioned here as they won’t change your forum browsing experience in any way.


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You can also press CTRL+F (CMD+F on a Mac) twice :slight_smile:

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Depending on your browser, it could open the browser native search interface or the Discourse search interface, while F3 should always open your browser native search interface.

Hmm, I’m sure it used to be that way. Maybe it has changed.

Actually I guess it has changed, this is the search shortcut listed for me now:

Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 21.31.11

Anyway, I don’t want to drag this off topic.

You may have missed the “twice” part? On Chrome, pressing twice Ctrl-F indeed switches from the Discourse search to the browser search. You can try on a long thread, such as this one.

I didn’t know this double shortcut trick, thanks @lightbulbjim.

I have totally missed it! :laughing:
Thanks for pointing it out!

A small update was applied and added new emojis.

:smiling_face_with_tear: :disguised_face: :pinched_fingers: :anatomical_heart: :lungs: :ninja: :man_in_tuxedo: :man_feeding_baby: :person_feeding_baby: :mx_claus: :people_hugging: :black_cat: :bison: :mammoth: :beaver: :polar_bear: :dodo: :feather: :seal: :beetle: :cockroach: :fly: :worm: :potted_plant: :blueberries: :olive: :bell_pepper: :flatbread: :tamale: :fondue: :teapot: :bubble_tea: :rock: :wood: :hut: :pickup_truck: :roller_skate: :magic_wand: :piñata: :nesting_dolls: :sewing_needle: :knot: :thong_sandal: :military_helmet: :accordion: :long_drum: :coin: :boomerang: :carpentry_saw: :screwdriver: :hook: :ladder: :mirror: :window: :plunger: :mouse_trap: :bucket: :toothbrush: :headstone: :placard: :transgender_symbol: :transgender_flag:

So… You can now revive mammoths (and dodos!)
:mammoth: :dodo:
And also revive polar bears when they’ll be soon extinct.
What more could one ask?

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