Forum to-do list

My to-do list regarding the forum. It will be completed depending on your forum feedback.

  • Need to re-add trading locations after fixing the mobile layout (by looking at my custom MD Topic List Component)
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I tried to reach out and offer assistance in the past, but if you ever need assistance maintaining the site, feel free to ask.

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When is “in the past”? I’m a new admin :slight_smile:

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I can’t recall exactly, but it was directed at Gilby at the time who I assume was busy with other endeavors. Most recent was probably around the other upgrade earlier this year

Yes, Gilby was the admin at this time.

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Yes, at this time Gilby did not have enough time for the forum and often even we “old” moderators were not able to get an answer from him. It was not bevor canapin had the idea for this new forum and we made the planning together that gilby found the time to support it. So if you like to help us with moderation … i think, this help is appreciated. That said, we don’t expect the new forum software to need very much moderators since it has very good mechanisms against spam. But now in the beginning time, i believe, that some helping hands may be useful to tidy up the last bits of disorder that canapins sorting algorythms may have left.


Yes, the new software is quite good about that.
We already had several spammers since yesterday. Users reported them and actions were taken quickly.
Plus, there is a “trust” level system and when most “trusted” users flag a post for moderation, it is instantly hidden for everyone else until an action is taken.

You can read more about it here:

So far everything goes well! :slight_smile:


I’m reworking the mobile layout on the home page.

The category + latest topics page on mobile isn’t the prettiest and most practical by default:

I’m redesigning it and try to enhance it:

If you come across any issue while navigating on the homepage on your smartphone, please report :slight_smile:


I just added all the category descriptions in all other languages, hoping google translator did a good job. For swedish, i did it like in french and posted the link to the (outside of existing swedish forum.

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10 posts were split to a new topic: Events calendar/agenda?

Since wikis are being created, I’ll find a way to make them more visibles in the topic list.

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Thats good. I thougt about FAQ wikis this weeks … like link lists where to star reading about the always sam questions: crank length, wheel size, tire choice, saddle choice, …


Also, we could create a wiki topic that lists all wiki topics. We could add a link to this “parent topic” in the hamburger menu so it’s easily available.


November 2020 and I didn’t make wikis more visible yet :scream:
Adding a bit of stuff on my to-do list : fix the colors when hovering the header menu icons (shouldn’t be grey)

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where are the Easter Eggs?

In any case, I think you’ve done a great job with the forum. I like it very much.

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I need to take a look at this, though it isn’t very important… :sweat_smile:

By the way, I fixed some things on the forum categories view on mobile. Nobody reported it, but there were actually translation errors that were ugly and messed up the layout. I fixed it and also made the layout a bit cleaner by removing some useless information.


Was fixed automatically during a forum software update, nice…

Also, I fixed some duplicate tags icons in the #trading-post on the mobile display, a bug that happened recently.

As for the wikis, unfortunately, I can’t make them visible on the topic list, but it may be possible on the topic itself… But I wonder if it’s really useful. The community doesn’t make heavy use of wikis:

So I manually customized their title.


4 posts were split to a new topic: Questions about the users’ locations map