Forum Suggestion

I discovered a great forum layout while i was busy wasting time about half an hour ago. the forum is for parkour, a sport in the UK where people run around doing crazy stuff, and it discusses technique how-to’s

basically it works like this: only moderators can post new threads, and there is a sticky on the front page asking what techniques people have questions about. people reply to the sticky with the technique they’d like info on, and the moderator creates a new post dedicated to the discussion of that particular technique.

Who dosent like learning new tricks, and giving their opinions on ones they don’t know?

how would you get a “Most Replies” thread with that system :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

most replies? that would just be the most discussed trick. this forum would be separate from
just one thread per trick, and everyone can give their input without having the same thread posted all over the forum. it’d be great!

yeah it works similar to the urban free flow boards, which i used to post on (another pk site) i used to hate looking through threads thrying to workoutwhich one was suitable to post my new findings in.

I think Parkour, or Le Parkour, is French in origin and although still small, has a bigger following there than in the UK!