Forum rules concerning SPAM

Please refrain from replying to SPAM on the forum. The only thing you accomplish by replying to SPAM is to bump it to the top of the list of current threads. If you see SPAM on the forum then please hit the button to report it. One of the moderators may not be present on the board at all times but we will get the spam removed in the most timely manner possible. Replying to SPAM is a bannable offense and will be enforced if needed. Thank you.

Thank you for removing the spam and for all your time keeping the forum great.:smiley:

While a lot can be done as a Moderator, this forum is intended to be a free speech area. My sole purpose is to remove SPAM and to fix broken vB code now and then. The man who deserves all the credit is Gibly (known as Gilby to others.)

Gibly…i think i almost like that name better :slight_smile:

hypocracy is the best policy


I think bannable is a bit much. This forum is fairly mature and low key anyways. It is rare when we have a problem and to instantly ban something like simply replying to spam seems a bit harsh. That is my opinion.

Isn’t it great that we are all entitled to opinions?
The problem comes when the same people are constantly replying to SPAM threads. First time offenders usually get a smack on the wrist or it brought to their attention. I don’t think any of us should have to tolerate SPAM threasd constantly being “bumped” by other peoples replies. I come to the forum to read about unicycle related material, not about peoples opinions or witty comments to SPAM threads.

hang on
what’s the ‘bannable offence’?
replying to spam threads in the ‘normal’ forums or replying to threads in the spam/trash bins?

My personal feelings about whether or not it is appropriate to reply to SPAM aside, it is to be hoped that this thread will not be sticky for long. I suggest that an item be added to the FAQ regarding this matter; whether or not anyone actually ever reads it on their own, violators of the “policy” can at least be sent there.

And out of curiousity and asked respectfully, is this thread’s original post a reflection of an agreement among Gilby and the moderators?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Gallery activation

BTW: I cant acces the galery with my forum´s login & password

I would like you to activate this sevice for monociclos user (thats me!!)



accords reply to that spam thread was indeed a responce while it was in RSU and before it was moved.

Wow jagur your first accusation towards me that wasn’t false.
You shoud start looking for jobs as an archiver. I commened you for finding a post that dates to more than two years ago during a time when SPAM was far more uncommon and hardly a problem.

The part about our job description, yes. The banning part, no.

Just trying to put a little scare into people. This thread will be unstickied in a day or two and eventually locked.