All I can say is thank you and enjoy:

Vimeo link coming later

I really like your style! :slight_smile: Nice vid!

Thank you!!

Have I forgotten how snappy your style is? Or were all those tricks at the start before the fakie lateflip, doubleflips? XD My eyes need checking

Oh yeah, and for fifths, you just needa let go of the seat a lil :stuck_out_tongue: catch it with one hand

Hahaha, keep going, man. Those fifths are so close :stuck_out_tongue: You’ve got awesome style.

Lol, they were all singel flips :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah I could go for double on all of them.

Thanks Eli. I landed fifth sunday, my friend finally sent me the clips 2 minutes ago, I’m uploading it as soon as I have it.

Here’s my fifth:

Thats the highest fifth I’ve ever seen xD

Wow, that was clean dude. Awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

clean fifthflip but i really don´t like your seat hight :roll_eyes:

Highest? What the…? It wasn’t even high lol, but thanks anyway XD

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks but I like my seat high :stuck_out_tongue: Low seat kills my back… and it’s not that high for my height. Pele rides same height or higher than me (all proportion keept)

haha yeah i know :stuck_out_tongue:
and i think chris also ment the hight of the seat and not how high u jump but well :smiley:

Yeeeah Felix, you know what I’m talkin bout, Hi5!

Well it made me want to go for a ride:) I’ll get out this weekend and maybe get some footage now that all our snow has melted.
Thanks Emile

haha hi5 :wink: