Forty and Learning

Hello friends. I’ve always wanted to ride the unicycle, and this year I decided I was going to do it. I read as much as I could, watched the online video tutorials MANY times, practiced every single day, had some spectacular falls, but at last, I can do it!

Just had to share my success.

Congratulations! Just shows if you are persistent you can learn anything. Looks like you are really enjoying yourself.

Looks good, keep on riding and having fun.


Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Way to go! I was impressed that you took it up and are sticking with it! Keep it up.

Nice job on the bumpy trail.
It doesn’t matter what age you are… we’re all learning.

keep on riding :slight_smile:

Nice job Lynn! It’s fun getting to that point where you can ride the trails like that, and nice job getting past the part at the end! I’ll show my wife this when she gets home to give her a little extra inspiration. :slight_smile:

and another achievment

Thanks - I really am having a lot of fun. What I really enjoy is the constant challenge. This week I went for my first really LONG ride - 11km (5.5 in each direction). It was part paved, part trail. My fitness level seems to be improving constantly (a big bonus after 2 kids!) My next goal is to master a decent idle - I’m hopeless at the moment, but I’m not giving up (tips, anyone?) I’d really love to find more women riders in the (say) 30+ category. Maybe we can inspire a new forum!!

You go girl!! I’m 45 and just bought my first uni after a 30 year hiatus! I love riding trails, and am trying to get my husband to learn, so I realize how hard it is to start if you never rode as a kid.

Thanks! I’m very happy to find another “mature” :slight_smile: woman rider!