Forth Worth Uni-Psychos Rock!

I’m stuck in Dallas this week, decided to make the best of the situation and e-mailed the Uni-Psychos .

I thought they were joking when they said to show up in a dark, vacant parking lot at 9:30 PM last Tuesday but it was no joke. These guys know how to have fun. Seven of us on Fireballs, Gazzs and Montys took over Sundance Square, Arena area, and a great water park for an evening of urban trials.

I brought my camera but we were having so much fun so I took only a few PICS .

Mojoe: You’ll never believe what was outside my hotel when I got in that night! Check out the last two pics, narry a sign of your Muni Militia sticker.

If you’re ever in the DFW area definitely check these guys out.