Fort Worth Uni-Psychos

Fort Worth Texas has a small but growing group of unicyclist. The Fort Worth
Uni-Psychos. Three Coker heads and several others. We ride in Parades and juggle
at festivals. We would like to invite any local riders to join us. We meet at
Lockheed Recreational Center every friday to juggle. Then we often ride in
Downtown Fort Worth (weather permitting) after the meeting. We are riding in the
Dallas Mardi-Gras Parade this tuesday. If you would like to join us drop me a
line. fasthand@(no spam) Note: remove (no spam) from e-mail address.

Lockheed Recreational Center 3400 Bryant Irving Rd. Ft Worth, TX 76109 817
732-7731 Fridays @ 6:30

                    Brad Johnson Fort Worth Uni-Psycho

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