[Forsale] Steve Howard "Holy Frame"

how much?


it’s 24"

also, how much does it weigh?

Yes, its a 24" But it will fit 26"s with less than 2.5" tires.


I’ll probably get the new KH frame then.

that frame sure looks awesome though. where did you get it?

Adam, Accord442.

more than 2 pounds?

2.4 Lbs

hmmm, I’ll think about it.

that looks like somthing you might have made. Now I want to make one;)

Here is some more info about the ugly frame if anyone cares.
And some more…

whoa! that thread has a post by the late Unibiker…R.I.P bro.


Haha Phil randomly buys like every tenth item posted in this forum.


My name is Phil, and I’m a …

I’m recovering…

Well tommorrow I will.

He’s beat me on a few things off ebay also… :astonished:

Ahh, you must be m1120

No actually xylia2… You’ve beat me on a few kids uni’s.

I posted this in the thread Adam made about the so called "Crack.