forsale: some tires and a trials bc

For sale:

Brand new Kenda kollosal

Brand new Shwalbe 26" Big apple

Echo mod tire, very good condition, pretty new, only used a couple times, still has hairs

Trials bc:

Kh rim, cc, hazard hub.

Ask for pics…

how much

lets see some pic of the bc and how much for them shiping to ca,

im in cali

post some pics, or email them to me at: burjzyntski at gmail dot com

i’m interested in buying a cheaper bc than bedford/UDC have to offer

how much for the bc. and does it even have plates?

Name a price, see if someone will offer more.

well like, im guessing it doesnt have the plates cuase the picture doesnt show them. thyen ide have to pay a lot more money to get some. if it doesnt have them i dont want it

Correct, no plates. I can weld you up some if you want.

if you could make me some plates for pretty cheap ide rather just buy some plates from you. cause couldnt i always use the front tire of my bike

Chances are you cant use teh “tire” off your bike, It proly has a QR axle, and its proly either 9mm or 3/8", both you dont want.

Also, if your getting this just for a bc to ride, dont get it, you should only get this if your looking for something to hop tables or bust big drops on. This is a trials bc, its make for one purpose, Trials.

unless you have a fairly high end bike then probably not. most(almost all) bike hubs are 3/4 in. axle, and for a BC you need 14mm.

I think his plates a re like $65 and there really light and strong from wat spencer, evan, and bryan say.

edit: Evan beat me to it.

Not really, they got heavyer, but also many times stronger. You can not bend my plates, il give you a new pair free if you can bend them.

Spencer hates my plates, bryan is switching to befords again, he is going tooo big for my skimpy plates, hes doing like fucking 8ft airs.

well ide like to eventualy do trials on it. my friend just uses bike pegs and thats hard for me. i need to get my own with plates and start practicing

there great for trials and riding arounds though…

if you eventually want to hop up high stuff and do fairly big gaps and 360’s and stuff then this would be good. Evan plates are fine if you don’t mind there short.

well i may just want it. like honestly how much is it worth. i trust the uncycle world to not rip me off. or atleast not to much

I wold think about $100 to $150 would be a pretty good price.

Is it a new CC on there? because I’m pretty sure that you had an echo on it before.

its hardly used, id say 100 or so. bedford trials bcs are like 250, with plates, bedford plates are 80.

so, $100 with plates. cause that sounds pretty good