[ForSale] Koxx/Bedford/Odyssey Street uni


Whole lot, NO part-outs


(1) Pair Beat up Snafu pedals (unbent)

(1) Pair Brand new Welgo pedals

(3) KH handles

(2) KH bumpers

(1) Danscomp SUPER thick 20" tube, (perfect for the street uni if you pop a tube)

(1) Torker Quick-release 22.2 clamp

(1) Bedford frame, very used but unbent. (22.2)

(1) 22.2 steel post

(1) Torker CX pedals, good for freestyle stuff

The Wheel:

Koxx-one hub laced to a Odyseey SevenK-A triple wall rim.

The cranks are 110mm, Yes, they are short, but great for flatland stuff, and especialy if you want to go fast at a rail or set these are good.

The tire is some 85 Psi tire i nabed from a bike shop because i needed one, Not a very great tire, but it works.

(Spokes are DT Swiss)


why no part outs i would give anything i can afford for that wheelset i think you should split the uni and parts up you will get more offers

Whats your offer for the wheelset?

i hav 65$ at my dispence but that would also have to cover shipping

No less than $150+

good luck :roll_eyes:

I would be willing to trade for a good trials uni without the seat or post.

I need splined, Qu-ax, Koxx, Kh, Profile.

What else would you be willing to trade for?? How much CAD for the whole deal?

No other trades.

CAD: $193.69

Ok…Im waiting to see if i can get a deal in Canada on Justins uni…if i cant get that ill take this one…but dont hold it for me


How does your foot taste?