[Forsale] Buch-o-Good stuff

60+ship (filll)

60 for the brake??? if so DIBS!!! MINE

what is that frame with all the holes in it made of? how heavy is it? and you said it was 24" right? and how wide is that tryall tire?

if so how much are you asking for each…

justin kohse

Its a steve Howard frame, Its made of Stainless steel, i beilive its 2.4 lbs.

its not a tryall tire, its a Kenda Kolossal D.H.

I dunno how much for the frame…I really like it so…alot of money.

And for the tire…its to no use of me so…pretty cheap… 15 bucks maybe? its new.

Im willing to trade for some things…

things im looking for:

Airfoil Rim

Arrow 19" rim

Carbon Fiber Base

any bc wheels related items.

What kind of shape is the rail adapter in? Also, is it miyata style or KH?

I hardly used the rail addapter, its in REALLY good condition, its for a kh saddle.

Ah damn, I need a miyata style one for my CF base.

too late. i gots dibs. i dunno if i’m going to, but i might…:stuck_out_tongue: sorry.

No Dibs here fellas, first to give me the money, will be the one who gets it.

so if i sent you a money order for $65, then you’d send me brake?
or do you takes paypal? i might just end up supporting my LBS, but if this deal lasts…

I have paypal…

i am still desiding on wether i want to sell them…tomarow i will let you know if i am going to sell them.

how much for the rail adapter? it is KH isn’t it?

well i have a few items i can trade to maybe get a discount on that frame.

-24" red powdercoated bedford frame, fits my hookworm ( 2.5")
-Brand new 24" gazzolodi tire
-old green Yuni Muni frame ( fits 3" wide tires)

and what size bearings fits that frame?

cause i have the new kh 2005 hub and cranks set up.


It fits the less-common bearing size on a profile hub…i think its the 1"5/8 bearing. Dunno, its missing one bearing bolt but im working on getting one.

Justin PM me

Doesnt that Holy Hell frame have issues?

Its not a crack , It was put there when that hole was drilled, he simply miss aligned the drill and skimmed the inside wall of the bearing. It is also no structual problem, there is still the bearing lip which adds tons of rigidity and strength, also the metal above it quite strong too, those combined when pushed against a bearing, and that fact that there is little or no load on the holder in the place of the flaw, Hence our problem is no more than an eye sore.

id like that gazz…but i still would charge alot for the holy frame

Brakes- SOLD!