[Forsale] Buch-o-Good stuff

Name your price and wel go from there…

who made the plates? Ill go 20 plus whatever the shipping is if their not bent


The plates are slightly bent but its nothing bad.

Frame and shim SOLD

which frame?
i’m liking the erector set one…
and the other one… what size tire will each one fit?

how much are you asking for the tire. is it 24"?

The trials frame is sold.

Its a 24" tire, name a price then wel go from there

then how much for da rim there?

50 + shipping

please tell me that’s not a monty trials rim that i can get offa UDC in a couple of weeks for 15-20 less…

and how much for the cranks there?

Are they bedford plates? Would you take the 20 plus shipping?

How much for the ping pong table?


Thats a 19" tryall rim and those are beford plates…
How much do you want for the rail adapter? What size is that seatpost? If its 27.2 i want it!

Id like 30+ship for the plates

No, its a tryall.

Erm, dunno, 15?

the holy frame is getting passed again!? man that thing is a tramp…

New Addition: Brand New Magura HS-33s!

Comes with mounting hardware and bolts and shims and all the goodies.


how about $50?:smiley:

for what???

fer da brake.