[Forsale] 4 Pairs, EB plates.

Hola all,

I have the metal to make 4 pairs of EB plates. $60 for a pair. It will take me about 4 days to make them depending on when i get an order.

They are made out of 1/8" 4130 plate stock and 5/8" .065 4130.

They are short plates, dont argue with me to make you long ones, I won’t.

These plates are VERY strong. I will guarantee these for one year, you wont be able to break them by riding.

PM me for orders, remember, i can only make 4 pairs, and will never make more for sale.



do they come with grindplates?

The grind plates dont do anything but slide slower.

60 bucks?
Do you accept paypal?
How can we pay you?
What would be a good wheel to put these plates on after we buy them?
I assume they are for a BC wheel correct?

wrong forum?

Who pays shipping?

Should I know what an EB is? :thinking:

Its his Initials, Evan Bryne = EB

These are high quality plates, and are very much worth the money. You should check out some BC vids from Evan.

Oh…right. I though it was some new kind of wheel I hadn’t tried yet.

:::::Evan posting::::::

It isnt the wrong forum, i need an order before i make a pair.

Grindplate is 5 bucks extra.

What About Shipping??

You pay for it.