Forrest Rowell. Jonny Peacock.

Hey here’s a video Jonny and I just made.

well, Jonny edited it, and… we’re both in it.

Check it out.

Just flatland/freestyle type stuff. It’s kinda laid back, we filmed it in like, a week. But whatever. Just watch it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet video, I liked the sideways wheelwalk Jonny. Who is Christine Gibson?

i like it a lot :slight_smile: would be better with some massive stairs or something but thats just me i think…

Would you say that about every video? He states that its a flat/freestyle video so why would there be massive stairs?

real nice video, shame you cut the song at the end, but some sweet tricks

yh awesome lads some great flat from both of you, and i totally agree the flat would have been better with big stairs :thinking: ha ha
great intro aswell i reckon you two make a wonerful unicycling couple lol

Thanks for the comments everyone. I’ll point Jonny to this thread eventually…

Well I partly agree with you, sense I like to ride just about all styles of unicycling, but this video we just made in a week’s time, and my part was filmed almost entirely in front of my house. And believe me, there are no stair sets any were near were I live. :slight_smile:

i understand forrests riding, cause he does flat and trials. But johnny im confused by your riding. I see that you ride flat. But ive noticed you always ride flat, so how come you use a nimbus street uni? wouldnt it be better if you just rode a freestyle uni?

anways, loved the intro and the music man. And nice new white kicks, haha.

keep’em comin boys



Haha thanks.

I’m not sure what you mean by white kicks though…?

Oh, I forgot to mention that the song was Everyone like me, by Thousand Foot Krutch.

White kicks are the white shoes that johnny is wearing at the end of the video.
Nice video and commercial parody.

I liked it, the editting was very good. And I liked the song and the backwards wheel walking.

Too bad the music just cut off suddenly when I was just getting into it…

haha thanks dude.
awesome video fellas.


I realize its a flat/freestyle vid, but a small little 3 set or something wouldn’t hurt. Those crankflips are coming along.

nice job.

(Did not read any comments)

Forrest you are probably my favorite rider, simply because of the use of nothingness. You make very entertain films with great skill, with NOTHING, haha. I love it. It sucks having no where to ride (You have it worse than I do, and i’m sorry), but you still make the most outta it. Impressive no doubt.

-Shaun Johanneson