Forrest Rackard-Trials

Hey guys,
This is my first trials vid. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Thanks to Kris Holm!

p.s.- it’s not ENTIRELY trials, lol.

Ye boi, lecrae!

Holy shnizzle! 113 cm side hop :astonished:

That is pleasing to my eye. :slight_smile:

Nice riding man. You should check out the trials lines there are at the jetties near your house. I’m sure there are some tight lines out there!

After I get back from Atlanta maybe Tyler and I can show some of you kids a nice ride around Panama City?

Also congratulations on the sponsorship man!

Your so good! I love your trials.

Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Hey !
Nice Video I like you style
Good Work !
KH team :wink:


Wow, dude, that was sick. The hickbackflip over the post out of the pedal grab was so sweet.

so tight! Man your trials has really gotten good. i liked the hops from posts to post. and that hickflip thing was awesome. way to go on the 113 side hop!

I enjoyed your blue shoes. The riding was pretty good too.

Hot. Someone looks motivated :wink:

Awesome dude, looks like you’d make an awesome trials rider. Alot of your sidehops looked like you could have tucked alot mean, meaning you COULD go alot better once you develop your technique.

Sweet pedalgrab hickback over the plank thing, I’ve been trying to do that from pedalgrab to rubber.

WOW is there anything u cant do? ur trial is awsome but even in a trial vid ur street was still the highlight for me lol. awsome riding man

That was awesome, Forrest. Its cool how trials skills can just come from practicing other stuff.
It was fun to watch and you have a really nice sidehop :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Street is still going to be my main style, but trials is so much fun.

I really want to try and put more creative street into trials.
The hickback-pedalgrab-over-thing is something I would love to see more of.
I think tricks like this could add more opportunities to street or trials lines, so you guys get to innovating!

So ya Spencer it is pretty cool how different types of riding tend to merge together and enhance other styles:)

Oh and Lecrae rocks.

Sick, your such an awsome rider and you really diserve that sponsership!

+1 :sunglasses:

didnt know your sidehops were that big, insane.

also at 1:43, where is that? that meigs middle?

thanks mike:)

and ya thats at meigs lol. pretty good spot actually.

some good trial lines :roll_eyes:
and the street-trial tricks were very creatif :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet video. I like the static street stuff.
I love that you give God thanks at the end of all your vids. He deserves it :slight_smile: