forrest rackard-treybackflips

completely skipped hickbacks.

Great job!!

sick bro. very smooth!

jon A

ps: the way flatland is looked at will be changed later today…

haha thanks. can’t wait.

Very awesome, that looks hard. Good job.

and i was pumped on learning a 180 unispin:p great job.

PS srry for this severe thread jack…but i was quite impressed and want to get closer to stuff like this:

how do you get the confedence, hight, and speed of the spin to do 360 unispins? srry again for threadjack.

as with pretty much all tricks, its mostly mental. work on getting the spin, just while your standing on the ground. if your not riding it, your sppinning it. visualize your self doing the trick. pretend like you can already do the trick. be the trick. ahah jk. but seriously always practice the spin.

ah man that was sick. i almost had those b4 i sprained my ankle(ish). now im not all that close but ill get it eventually. urs looked real good.

Sick man. I haven’t been for a ride in ages due to sprained (I think) wrist.

Great job! You’re really good at those.

Wow looked pretty nice and smooth congrats. It seems like you learn tricks real quick. How long have you been working on it for? How much do yo ride a day?

Sounds like im not the only one who cant ride right now. I got hammered in the shin 2 days ago and my shin is all red and majorly swollen and walking is agony. Its so anoying, I want to ride, I need to finish my vid, its almost exactly a month untill I have been riding for a year and I want to make a vid for it :frowning:

Sorry for the minor threadjack

wow im jealous…your WAY better than i am and ive been riding for over 2 yrs.


i got my first one two days ago after working on them for about two hours. i got it at like 10:00 at night. i was tryin to land my first hick back and they were’nt workin so i tried trey backs and they worked.