Forrest Rackard-Treflip 5 set

hey guys. i did this today. theres a couple extra clips but the video is mainly to show yall the treflipped 5.

Good Job

thats awesome…wish i had “big street” skills :roll_eyes:
like the song!!

really liked this one. the length was perfect and so was the song.

great job on the 5

dude im still bummed that u cant make it to naucc.

the vid was sick again. always love watching your videos cause you keep getting better every vid!

jon A

That was really cool. I like ur style, you kick ur legs like a madman

thanks everybody for the comments! Jon you know I’m gonna miss you guys this year at NAUCC. I was really lookin forward to meetin up with you and spencer, as well as meeting kelly and shaun and many others. but oh well. Ill be there next year. Thanks again for the comments everyone. Please keep them coming.


Cool. Your slow-mo still looks like a “flip” book though.

LULULULUL Pun!!! luluolouluoluoul

Awesome work. I couldn’t get what happened at the beginning when there was that “bang” noise???


I bent my rim to where the tire is touching the frame. It doesn’t affect riding too much though, because I still treflipped the 5. :roll_eyes:

ahah. and unicycledood, I know i need a new camera pretty bad, I apologize for the quality.

Very nice. I like Treflips when they are caught midair. They look so great. The Tune was pretty sweet to. I’ll miss you at NAUCC man.

ya caught treflips do look insane. Luke’s mainly. I wish i could’ve caught mine a little earlier. I actually did catch it though on the first stair but its hard to tell and isn’t that impressive. ahah.

It sounded like you snapped a spoke, or a few of them!

That trey was definitely tight, very clean flip and catch!

Awesome skills, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone clear their legs out as far as you.

Lol, you should see how I use to do my hickflips. I basically do the splits :sunglasses: :o

Good work man.

ahah. thanks guys. what did yall think of the other clips?

ahah. please translate.

yeah man, no one got that.

haha, not really nice.

t’abuse quand même, maintenant faut que tu traduise!!

Good luck :smiley:

Don’t worry, if he doesn’t translate, I will do it :wink: