Forrest Rackard-Phlat

Hey guys I decided to make a flat vid since I haven’t made one in a while. It’s mostly a fun vid, nothin too serious, but I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you think:)

who was that hot chick in there? you shoulda showed more of her :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet vid though

nice vid !!! :roll_eyes:
flat was very good :slight_smile: and was that a dubble treyflip at 0:54 ?? :smiley: :roll_eyes:

sick! 7spin-rolling wrap was pretty impressive!

edit: Oh yeah, you look soooo different with short hair.

nice vid man
the one footed 7spin was so sick!

cracy vid

where`?:smiley: that was a 5spin

Yea… Pretty sure they were both 5-spins. Amazing though.

Awesome vid Forrest, wicked skills. That combo at 1:12 was funky as.

  • Matt

How dare they go inside when theres filming to be done… Yeah both 5spins. BUT SICK!!! Rolling wrap to 540… aww man. I’m so terrible at spining out of rolling wraps. But we have the same stance… so your spins give me hope :smiley:

lol Both were 5 spins. And yeah hair short hair sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

O yeah he tre double on flat was awesome (without pads?!). And the 540 out of rolling wrap.

sorry i thought they were 7spins

Hey thanks everyone for the comments. Ya those were both five spins haha.
And yes I went ahead and shaved my head not too long ago, lol. Oh and about the trick at 1:13,
I think I’m the first person to have done it. Has anyone seen it before?

cool vid!!! :slight_smile:

No worries. I had to replay it a few times to figure them out.

Forrest: I’ve certainly never seen that combo before.

Sweet vid, sweeter chick!

Loic has done something very similar… maybe the same/a 360 body varial version… in either their unicon video comp vid or the during and after unicon vid.

Hard trick though, looks awesome too.

Nice vid.

Loic did it with the legwrap the other way into an outside/insideroll in the video KEUKNICON


I had no idea you were this good at flat…

rollingwrap/5-spin was my favorite

I’ve done it before.

Pele, have you done it where you wrap your leg inside the seat instead of around…I can’t explain it
I’ve saw you do it in the NAUCC flat comp., but you wrapped your leg around the seat like a normal tire step over
It’s not that much harder though, it’s just different…sept I can’t do a roll out of it

Hope that made some sense what so ever :o

ya there is a difference. my leg goes in between my other foot and the frame on this trick. but that’s cool if you’ve done it before pele.