Forrest Rackard, Michael Grim, Sam Chase, and Jonny Peacock Video

I made a video using some old footage of Michael Grim, Forrest Rackard, Sam Chase, and me. My tricks are old, I don’t really progress much anymore. I hope you like it though! = ]

Nice. I thought Forrest SW WW was you at first. Bare legs sideways ww is like your signature, haha.

Video was good, nice watch, gotta love manipulating time. And gaaaa I need to ride with friends.

You got a uni in NY yet?

good music ( i like the change :slight_smile: ) nice quality not the best video but good style (thumbs up)

haha i had no idea about this. awesome job on the vid jon, i liked the editing. some of those clips are really old. And micheal bro you’re getting so good.

Good video… what is the music? I agree with gangstertaco, its nice to see a uni video with some music that isn’t so edgy.


I totally thought that was you as well at first, I was like, hmm I can’t see your hair in you display picture, so its possible.

I liked the song as well, I think I have it somewhere on my computer as well, who is it by?

Loved it Jonny… Live life… as much as you want.


Editing was nice. Mike grim is getting real good now, and Forrest was always the man.

And Jon, your riding was much easier to appreciate in person ;). Nice vid.

Actually man, I’m back in Florida as of now. I’ll be in the city again in like 4 or 5 weeks, we should plan something, finally.

Thanks, man. : ]

Thanks; the music by G.A.T.H. I think the woman lives in the city. Her music is cool.

Thanks; I will man. : ]

Thanks man, and congratulations on landing a crankflip! : )

Thanks. When I said it was easier to appreciate in person, by no means was I intending to put down the content of this video. I was just saying it was a good time experiencing 1/3rd of this video in person ;p

Awesome vid again.

EDIT: Let me know when you’re in the city. I’ll try not to get sick this time. haha.